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Thoughts on Email Etiquette

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Several emails have come across my desk over the last couple of weeks that prompt me to write this. I don’t profess to be an email expert; the opinions and suggestions are my own and don’t always reflect the views of my employer. I also do admit that I have not adhered to one or more of the suggestions that follow. Four tips in no particular order of importance:


Use the subject line wisely. Video, Pictures, You’re invited, and “blank” (no subject) are all actual subject lines of emails I’ve received recently. The examples below would have provided a better description of the contents of the offending emails. The email with nothing in the subject line was directed to my “Junk” folder.


Video = Links for Video we discussed
Pictures = Pictures for the August newsletter attached
You’re invited = You’re Invited to our Webinar on Adobe CC2014
(“blank”) = Invoice for rental on 07.23.14


I often just scan the subject line -especially on my phone- and I may delete an email if doesn’t seem relevant to me. Be descriptive and/or put a call to action into the subject line.


Fill in the To: line last. Perhaps I’m the only person that has inadvertently sent an email before it was finished; perhaps not. If the To: line is empty, your email client can’t send the email, and the premature departure of your incomplete email is prevented.


Attachments Included? Tell the recipient when you include an attachment(s) to an email. This lets them know that you intended to include additional information and how many items should be included.


Label attachments. ‘IMAG040.jpg’ isn’t descriptive and may be difficult to find and/or search for later. “PaulMcCartneyBackstage080214_01.jpg” is a better option.


The “poor” examples shown above are real. I’ve fictionalized the “better” examples to protect the identity of the senders. Check back; I realize that I’ve filled my space but I haven’t exhausted the list of tips that the offending emails prompted me to create.

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